Monday, October 4, 2010

Blocks are one of the easiest crafts to make, and also one of the cheapest. I am lucky enough to have a brother that has a bunch of tools and that is also nice enough to cut/sand wood for the girls in family whenever we have a craft day! (Have you ever seen a longer sentence?)

We all got together and did all different sayings on blocks. I did "Home". All you do is paint the blocks, wait for them to dry, pick scrapbook paper and cut to size, glue them onto the wood with a glue stick, cut out the letters (cricket!) ,glue them on and enjoy! I love these because I can use them as fillers if I don't have any other decorations, and they can stay up all year long!

Another thing I made was the topiary. I got the idea and learned how to do it HERE.

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Jacqueline {Wingledings} said...

I love your trapeze frame!! It looks great over that table! I made one a few weeks ago, come see it if you get a moment! :-)

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