Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Interchangable Platter

I am in one of those families that does everything together for each holiday, and we always have treats. Lots of treats. I am not the type of person to just bring treats on a normal plate.. its all about presentation people. I love platters and trays, but I have a hard time finding cheap ones that I like. Not only that but I don't have a ton of space to be storing a million platters for each holiday.

A few weeks ago my friend brought us over some delicious cupcakes and they were on this white platter. I tried to return it back to her but she said to keep it. I knew that I would be using this for a Halloween party coming up. I've been racking my brain of how to make it cuter, because white just isn't cute enough for me. Then today it hit me, helloooo scrapbook paper!

And I just happened to have the cutest Halloween Paper ever. Have you seen the K&Co Halloween Paper Pack? I actually don't have this one, I bought mine at Target that has less paper.. but who needs 36 pieces of Halloween paper?
So here's my platter and the paper I chose.

The directions are pretty simple:
1. Pick paper
2. Trace the platter
3. Make sure it fits

Cute huh, but I bet you are thinking, Yeah that's great but what happens when you get something on it or it gets wet?

Well that's when this stuff comes in handy,

This is probably one of my most favorite crafting item. I have used it on so many projects as "laminating". Its cheap too, less than $5 at walmart, and it lasts foreverrrr. It's located with all the other shelf liners if you're interested. Now lets continue on with the directions:

4. Cut Transparent stuff to the right size.

5. Peel it apart from the backing and lay it on the counter, sticky side up. Lay paper on top, make it as smooth as you can.

6. Now you want to find something that you can use to smooth it out as much as you can. One of those vinyl things would be perfect, but I was too lazy to find mine. I just used a wooden spoon. Something plastic probably would have been better. Then cut off the extra transparent stuff.

7. Now you will just want to put a little bit of glue on the back of the paper to make it stick to the platter, but don't put too much otherwise it might be hard to get out, and you don't want to rip the paper.

8. Make more for upcoming holidays/seasons.
One's I still need to make: Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day, Easter, Spring, 4th of July, Summer.

This is the perfect gift for anyone, but especially newlyweds. You can help them be festive and not take up a lot of space.

Which one is your favorite?

Ps. This particular platter came from Ikea.


NanaDiana said...

Ummm...I think you forgot New Year's Eve?>) Sorry~ Couldn't resist! I love this idea. I have a big tray that is the perfect size to hold a placemat. So I have one ODD placemat that I use in there for every season. I love that contact paper-I have been using it for years too. The trick is to get the stinking paper to not jump up and grab the clear liner before you are ready. The last couple of projects I did as I was cutting out my piece (the one I was going to cover) I added side tabs(out of that material) when I cut it out. I then taped those down to the table so that it would lay flat. Then when I put my film over it it went on a whole lot easier...and, of course, the tabs were trimmed off when I trimmed the top piece of film to fit. Great idea about the dab of glue. I bet that rubber cement stuff would work great too. Hugs- Diana

Patrick and Jennie said...

Love it! Now you know what you can get me for Christmas! Do you have my name? :)

Coley said...

Brilliant! I love it!!

Dani Lou said...

this is a dang cute idea! look how clever you are.

Anonymous said...

love that you made it interchangeable! would love to have you visit me and link up to Fantabulous Friday!

Kelley said...

Genius! What a great idea...have a super day.

Anonymous said...

Linking back to you tomorrow...come check it out!

Erin said...

This is an amazing idea! How totally cool!!!

LenaLoo said...

So cute! I like the Halloween paper the best, so kitschy cute! I was totally wondering about spillage! And yes contact paper is amazing, my nana-in-law covers books before she gives them to my son or to the school library so they don't get all gooey.

Happy Homemaker And Momma said...

New follower-I really like this idea!!! This is great!

Feel free to join me over at my $35 CSN giveaway:)

Jake and Jarica said...

I just saw your blog on tip junkie. I LOVE this idea. So smart, and cute. I'm going to make this for my sister-in-law for Christmas!! Thanks for the idea!

Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

This is such a great idea! I'd love to feature it in a future post!

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