Saturday, November 27, 2010

10 Days of Christmas Crafting

Wow it seem's like it's been so long since I posted on here. I've been busyyyy. I'm reaching the end of the semester so that means lots of homework, papers, and studying!

I put up my Christmas Decorations yesterday. I love them. Most of them I made, but I didn't have this blog then. So I decided to do 10 Days of Christmas Crafting.

Here's the lineup:

Day 1 (Today!) : Ornament Wreath + What to do with extra Ornaments
Day 2: 2x2 Christmas Tree
Day 3: Wooden Christmas Countdown
Day 4: Candy Christmas Countdown
Day 5: Christmas Blocks
Day 6: Glitter Trees
Day 7: Wooden Nativity
Day 8: Glittery 'Believe' Star
Day 9: Embroidery Nativity
Day 10: Wooden Sign for our Stockings

1 comment:

NanaDiana said...

Uhhh..okay...what am I missing here- are you going to show us what to do with the extra ornaments? Or is this like a guessing game? LOL Ya know I love ya, kiddo! Hugs- Diana

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