Wednesday, December 8, 2010

10 Days of Christmas Crafting - Day 5 & 6: Christmas Blocks & Glitter Trees

Sorry, I've fallen behind the 10 days of Crafting, haha. But no worries, I have 2 crafts for ya today.

Christmas Blocks

These are sooo easy and are so cute.
1. Have someone cut you some 2 x 4's in all random sizes, the more random - the better!
2. After that pick what scrapbooking paper you want and cut to size.
3. I used my cricut to cut the letters.
4. Then Modge Podge it all on! I told you its easy!

Glitter Trees

I just used the instructions from Eighteen25. Click here for the instructions.
I didn't use the candlestick holders because I couldn't find any.
They are sooo easy, and SO cute!

Look how cute they look on top of my ugly cabinets.


Patrick and Jennie said...

I got you some bases so you will have them soon! (Mom has them). I really think the bases make them!

NanaDiana said...

Michelle- Those are really cute...and the cabinets COULD be a lot uglier! Not so bad, I think! Hugs-Diana

misss_e said...

Ooo gonna do this! So gonna do this!

Lauren {whimsy lane} said...

Those blocks are too cute! If only I knew someone who had a saw! :(

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