Saturday, January 1, 2011

2 x 4 Snowman

Can you tell by now that I LOVE snowmen? They are just so cute!

The girls in my family made these last night on New Years Eve. We all did ours different and they all turned out SO cute! I found the idea on Craft Chic Mommy. I pretty much copied her snowman the whole way except for I added buttons down the middle. And I didnt have any scrabble tiles. :(

All you need for this is:

- 2 x 4 cut in different lengths. (7 1/2inch, 5 1/2inch, and 4inch)

(My husband was at Home Depot anyway so I asked him to buy the wood and ask if the Home Depot guys would cut it for him... I'm glad that they would! They cut 6 sets!)

- Beadboard for the nose (My sister had some extra so we lucked out, didn't have to buy any!)

- Buttons

- Ribbon

- Paint

I'm pretty sure you can figure out the rest by yourself!

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