Saturday, January 1, 2011

2 x 6 Snowmen

The girls in my family made these last year. We each made 3, all in varying heights.

Here are the very easy steps:

1. Paint wood
2. Pick fabric for scarfs and hats.
3. Make hat by sewing the sides together and trying a string around the top.
4. Paint the face on. (I made the dots by dipping the opposite end of the paintbrush into the paint)
5. Cut the nose out of Orange Foam
6. Put hat and scarf on!
6. Add bells, snowflakes, buttons, etc to hats

I had these outside for less than a day last year because they kept falling over. They still fall over alot inside cuz of my dogs but I love them.


NanaDiana said...

Very Cute- I like how the one's nose is going the opposite way from the others...he must be a cousin rather than a sibling- xxoo Diana

Patrick and Jennie said...

I am thinking we should have added a base to them. I think I might do that to mine so they will stand on their own without falling over!

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