Sunday, May 1, 2011

Craft Kits for Sale

As you probably know from reading this blog, I do a craft night each month with my sister. Last night we had the April one and it was so much fun!! I have a few things for sale from last night, they are first come first serve. If you live in Utah we can arrange for pick up, or we can ship! Here are the crafts I have:

Families are Forever Stacker - $10
Please include:
-the (last) name you would like on the bottom stacker
-indicate if you would like brown or black vinyl lettering.

Tulips - $12
Jewelry Board - $10
-board is 9"x12". Sorry stand and jewelry not included!

Birthday Banner - $15
Home Blocks - $15

-please indicate if you would like brown or black vinyl.
The home blocks will include 3 seasons (the pumpkin, the snowflake and the flower). In future craft nights, we will sell additional seasons/holiday blocks that will coordinate with the HOME blocks.

Garden Signs - 5 signs for $20

These durable garden signs are made out of metal and should withstand the elements for several seasons.
-please indicate the 5 garden items you want on your signs.

Sign-ups are also available for next month!! Here are the crafts!

1. Memory Cube - $12For this craft you will need to bring your own photos. They need to measure 3.5 inches by 4 inches.

*The memory cube could be a really cute Father's day gift! The memory cube could be put on your dad's desk!

2. Watermelon - $10
Is about 7 inches.

3. Summer Stacker - $10

4. Summer Blocks - $15
You could put paper on these but we really liked the simplicity of the bright colors!

5. Memo Board - $5
This magnetic board would look cute in your kitchen, office or any room! It includes 3 bottle cap magnets! Pictures, invites and to do lists you provide! :)

6. Hanging Bird - $18
Measures 15 inches from the start of the beak to the end of the wing. Measures 13 inches from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. You get to pick what color it is!!

email me at to order!!!

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