Saturday, November 27, 2010

10 days of Christmas Crafting - Day 1:Ornament Wreath

I think I'm a little behind the times. I think ornament wreaths went around blog-land last year, or the year before. But here's hoping that this is a new idea for some of you.

This craft is very easy, and very cheap. I think overall I spend about $12, but it's hard to say since my sister in law made this with me too and we shared the ornaments, but I think $12 is a good enough guess.

Here's what you need:

- Wire Hanger
- Ornaments (All different sizes and colors)
- Glue-gun
- Optional: Husband to bend the wire for you. :)

I bought all my ornaments at the dollar store and at the Target Dollar Spot. Target has smaller ones, which are good for the fillers. Here's an example of the one's I got at the dollar store:

We followed the instructions from Eddie Ross. (He is the guy that came up with this wreath!) Since his instructions are so easy, I'll just send you his way.

Here are some pointers that we learned:

- Have your husband bend the wire for you. It will occupy them, so they don't bug you about hurrying to finish your craft. Plus they will be in competition to see who can make the roundest circle. (We made these on Thanksgiving and our hubby's wanted to go home!)
- Make sure to take the metal part off and glue it on, even if it seems like its secure and won't fall off... do it anyway. This way you won't be re-gluing a bunch of ornaments back on each year.
- It doesn't look good until you get half way done, we were both questioning if this was going to turn out looking good or not.
- You will need more ornaments that you think you will. I don't know how many I used, but Eddie Ross used 80!!
- String all the ornaments on first, then arrange them how you want them to be.

This was the easiest craft ever! It turned out perfectly because I wanted to do red, green and silver and my sister in law wanted to do red, green, and gold. So none of them went to waste!

I ended up having a million ornaments left, so I decided to put some in my Hurricane Vase. Then I added some ribbon.

Will you be making an ornament wreath? I would love to see yours!


Jen said...

Love the wreath!!
I'm in the process of making one using ornaments too!

NanaDiana said...

Very cute! Even love the ones left over in the glass vase! You can now ignore my comment on your other post! LOL Hugs-Diana

Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

I made one last year and I didn't like it that much. Everyone else did though. Go figure. haha Yours looks nice. I think I am going to tweak mine this year and see how it turns out.

The Williams Family said...

Michelle I love this wreath, can't wait to make one! And I'm ubber excited to see the rest of your Christmas decoration how-tos!

MrsJenB said...

Just redid mine yesterday and plan to post about it tonight! I love that Eddie Ross for coming up with the idea!

Jana said...

Can't wait to try this myself!!

Mandy said...

SO cute!! I going to make one!

Rachel said...

SO glad you posted this! I've been wanting to make an ornament wreath, but couldn't find any with simple directions. Thank you SO much! I may even throw one together today or tomorrow and use it for a few days. :)

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